Webstone®, a brand of NIBCO, announces a new Pro-Pal® E-Tank Service Assembly. This patent-pending solution simplifies the installation and service of any hydronic expansion tank. Its forged brass design features isolation valves for the system, a dedicated drain valve, and a convenient union connection at the expansion tank to provide a greater degree of control Read more

Sonnhalter, a communications firm marketing to the professional tradesman in the construction, industrial and MRO markets, announces NIBCO as one of its newest clients. Founded in 1904, NIBCO is a leading provider of valves, fittings and flow control products for commercial, industrial and institutional construction, marine markets, as well as residential and irrigation markets. Headquartered Read more

BenchPressG fittings bring press technology to fuel and gas carbon steel applications. NIBCO INC. expands its BenchPressG® carbon steel fittings line to include 2″ sizes to its existing product assortment, bringing press technology to fuel and gas carbon steel pipe applications. Allowing for fast and economical installation of residential, commercial and industrial carbon steel piping systems Read more

NIBCO offers Webstone® Pro-Pal® Multi-Port Transition Tees that combine multiple components to save space and time. Webstone®, a brand of NIBCO, announces new Pro-Pal® Multi-Port Transition Tees. The Multi-Port is a compact alternative to installing gangs of tees. It combines multiple components to save space and time, with patented technology that suits a variety of Read more

The Pro-Pal® Add-A-Drain™ is a step-saving lead-free dezincification brass valve that makes it easy to install a capped hose connection to an appliance or the end of any line. Available in your choice of MIP, FIP, sweat, or press connections, in sizes ½” through 1½”. An alternative to traditional boiler drains, the Add-A-Drain features a Read more