MSCA For future-focused organizations to succeed with a Millennial-infused workforce, a bold approach to management is needed – one where freedom, trust and experimentation are encouraged. Most organizations, however, have been constructed on a model based on principles of top-down command and control, and centralized power and information. Join Seth Mattison, an internationally renowned expert Read more

Building a team is like building anything else – you have to create a solid foundation first. Otherwise, you will eventually find yourself having to invest additional resources into unearthing the faulty structure before beginning the process again. But, once the proper groundwork is laid, development can progress. In the fourth session of the six-part Read more

Mechanical services industry icon Donald (“Don”) Batz passed away on April 22 at the age of 77. Don was Senior Vice President and Director of Operations for CommAir Mechanical Services before retiring. He was actively involved in the MCA of Northern California and served as its president.  In recent years, he was very involved with Read more

You might remember what it was like to play the game “follow the leader.” Everyone behind the leader had to mimic him or her, and any player who failed to do so was ousted from the game. But, this kind of scenario only works if you’re playing for fun. In the business environment, you’re playing Read more