Lesley McGlenen

Located in rural British Columbia, Lesley McGlenen has a much greater impact on the skilled trades than her small company would lead you to believe. Online, McGlenen goes by @ThePipeWench. She’s a plumber, gasfitter and hydronic professional. Most of her work is residential, but she dabbles in commercial work from time to time. From her Read more

Name: Lesley Joan McGlenen Title: Owner/Operator  Company: Pipe Wench Plumbing & Heating ltd. Location: Scotch Creek, British Columbia, Canada Specialty: Plumbing and Heating        When asked if she’d be on a scooter anytime soon, Lesley McGlenen (@thepipewench) says she’ll take a HARD PASS!  “My favorite smoothie is a spinach, protein (double protein) yogurt, frozen Read more