Hazardous workplaces are those that involve industrial machinery and work. This includes construction sites, mechanical garages, and any industry that deals with oil, gas, water, and fire. If you worry about hazards at work, then there are many ways to reduce that worry.  Firstly, you can enquire about professional training so you know what hazards Read more

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who told me that he chewed tobacco while he was sitting at his computer because it gave him something to do. He’s a graphic designer. Hmm. Gives you something to do? Well, I actually can relate, being a tobacco user in the past. I can understand that Read more

DEWALT introduces two new professional-grade lighting solutions for the jobsite with the DCL060 (DC only) and DCL061 (AC / DC) LED area lights. These area lights are ideal for contractors who perform applications in dark or poorly lit work environments, including residential and commercial jobsites. Users will find that the light output by both the Read more