Finding the perfect mix of glycol and water in a hydronic system doesn’t have to be hard. Guest presenter John Panasewicz will discuss the best ways to specify and maintain water-glycol blends in boilers, chillers and other heat transfer applications. This pre-heating-season webinar will clear up the confusing aspects of antifreeze for designers and installers Read more

… what is the level of scale in your water? Hard to say, I’d imagine. But, over time, believe me, you’ll know. Scale, also known as limescale, refers to mineral buildup—primarily magnesium and calcium—that creates a white, chalky-like substance that can accumulate on the plumbing system’s internal components, including water heaters, pipes, and fixtures, says Read more

Providence, R.I. – The first annual John Hazen White III Memorial Tribute was held under sunny skies on Saturday, April 27, at Narragansett Brewery. It was a memorable day filled with unity and celebration. Participants included Taco employees, cherished family members, dear friends, and valued partners at Community Preparatory School. The event began with a Read more

Like most add-ons and accessories, the boiler fuel conversion kit is another easy to forget item that stretches out the installation. In the third and final installment on Alta gas-adaptive technology, we’ll cover why fuel conversion is necessary, what was required to accomplish this in the past, and how simple it is to set the Read more

Training in 2024 is just as important as ever. How do you integrate training, education and continued learning with today’s busy contractor? Power Points, sales pitches and doughnuts. Tried and true methods of training gone by, that’s for sure. But what does today’s training look like, especially in the purview of the younger generation of Read more