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Designed to use one-third the electricity of traditional residential electric water heaters, new product ensures dependable, efficient hot-water delivery. Noritz America, a leader in tankless water heaters and high-efficiency combination boilers, recently previewed its new, ENERGY STAR-certified Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater for residential domestic hot water applications. Making its debut in Chicago at Read more

There’s a number out there that is pretty remarkable: 65% of construction workers that took their own life sought some sort of medical help within one month prior to the event. As we near the end of Men’s Mental Health Month—recognized every year in the month of June—suicide rates among construction workers are at an Read more

Bosch Home Comfort has introduced its latest solution for a cleaner, safer home with the release of its Bosch Air Series Purifiers. Available at select retailers, Bosch Air Purifiers are helping homeowners breathe easy by removing over 99% of air impurities commonly found inside homes.    “Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors Read more

Back in the day he was known as DJ Reggie Nell, and he could spin records with the best of ’em. A former DJ while working in the trades, Germaine Nelson, president, Capitol Plumbing & Heating, Bowie, Md., now is a full-service residential plumbing OG, specializing in water heaters, waste and venting for the surrounding Read more

… what is the level of scale in your water? Hard to say, I’d imagine. But, over time, believe me, you’ll know. Scale, also known as limescale, refers to mineral buildup—primarily magnesium and calcium—that creates a white, chalky-like substance that can accumulate on the plumbing system’s internal components, including water heaters, pipes, and fixtures, says Read more