Customer Service

When working on a project, the relationship between clients and contractors can take many forms. Some clients want to be integral in the work, while others stay back. When a client-contractor relationship is difficult, it can cause several problems in the work itself. The whole experience can be made unnecessarily complicated when a contractor has Read more

If you’re looking to get your new business off the ground, making a good first impression is paramount. This way, you’ll get more referrals, positive reviews, and hopefully even repeat business. There are several factors you need to focus on. Providing a quality service is one of them, but you also need to optimize your Read more

Looking after any kind of building contractor business means that you need to provide the best possible service to your clients at all times. There are a lot of things that you need to take on board in order to achieve this, and as long as you do you will find that your business has Read more

Customer reviews are becoming increasingly important to clients looking for building and construction services. It’s more crucial than ever to go all out to impress clients if you own a business. Here are some trust-building tactics to help you enhance your ratings and boost the likelihood of client recommendations. No hidden fees and solid quotes Read more

As time progresses, there are new challenges and trends that tradespeople need to consider and contend with. If you are a tradesman or woman and you are looking to make a big impact this year, there is a lot that needs to be considered. With that in mind, we have decided to put together a Read more