Leading menu pricing software company offers team members state-of-the-art monitoring system for indoor air quality in residential homes With indoor air quality (IAQ) remaining at the forefront of safety concerns, The New Flat Rate, the first menu-pricing system for home service contractors, has formalized a partnership with AirAdvice for Homes, the premier IAQ solution that enables Read more

Anyone working in construction will know just how messy and inventive a workplace can be. This is why standards and practices dictate that proper storage, fire safety and cleanup measures must be in place in order to make sure that laborers can work efficiently and as safely as possible. Trip hazards, exposed water, improper signage Read more

If there is one thing we humans have done almost universally over the past year, it is become more familiar with our living spaces. In that time, people’s attitudes have evolved, and the industry is taking note. The following are some key HVAC trends that highlight what topics are on consumers’ minds—and what manufacturers are Read more

The report to the President of the United States examines how buildings can protect and promote public health The National Institute of Building Sciences Consultative Council has issued its 2020 Moving Forward Report, looking closely at the importance of healthy buildings. The report examines how buildings can protect and promote public health, providing recommendations for President Biden Read more

The impact of the pandemic has been felt by almost every industry with untold and as of yet undefined future consequences for the global economy. The World Trade Organization has defined the effect of Covid-19 on trades as “unprecedented disruption to the global economy” as throughout 2020 and into 2021 millions of businesses across developed Read more