Business Development

There is nothing better than knowing you have a small business that you are running yourself, but there are so many hats you have to store in your closet! You will have to consider your marketing, sales, customer service and administration, business development, HR and accounting. It’s a lot and when you also have to Read more

When working in the construction or building sectors, you must never forget that you are ultimately working to keep clients happy. From residential projects to commercial and industrial jobs, a detailed strategy will be needed. You must combine elements of marketing, customer care, and quality work to achieve the desired results. Here’s all you need Read more

A lot of construction businesses struggle with marketing because they rely too heavily on word of mouth and they are not proactive enough. But if you want to grow your business, you need to reach out to potential customers and work hard to find new jobs.  There are all sorts of ways to do that Read more

Many modern businesses can seem to skip the queue in the startup process, and that means they miss out on a few of the most important parts of the business building process. And because of this, they’re often not ready to face up to the business world at large, and struggle to make ends meet Read more

Bradley Corp., announces the appointment of Mark Whittington to Vice President – Business Development for the Menomonee Falls, Wis.-based manufacturer of plumbing fixtures, restroom accessories and emergency equipment for 100 years. Whittington will join Bradley’s leadership team and in his role be responsible for growing Bradley’s plumbing products business. He has held various sales, operations and supply chain leadership positions in Read more