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No doubt about it, COVID-19 quickly changed the way we work, and play. Travel and in person visits came to a screeching halt. Professional offices, suppliers, even many working shops closed their doors to visitors. Training in the not to distant past was done, for the most part, in person. Conveniently, most trainers adapted quickly Read more

EPISODE 1:  The Color of Heat Monday, Jan. 25 6:30-7:30 pm CST There is a new sheriff in town!  Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr is back in the saddle for this 2021 edition of Shop Talk.   We’ve partnered up with Mechanical Hub to offer you a real good time. In Episode 1 Hot Rod will yarn Read more

Inspired by watching “Tiny Home” shows on TV lately, Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr has embarked on a new adventure—tiny home building. “They looked to be a fun, bite-sized project for my weekends and evenings, and as I watched the shows and searched the online communities, I noticed there was not much focus on the plumbing Read more

Piping and Component Insulation The complimentary educational series, Coffee with Caleffi™, is an online technical training webinar and is intended for contractors, designers and wholesalers. What’s next? Piping and Component Insulation Thursday, July 24 at 12 noon CDT Veteran Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr will explain the importance of insulation in hydronic, solar and GEO installs Read more

Featuring National Training Manager Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr, our new YouTube series has had a successful first year launch with over 50,000 viewers watching Bob explain,  demonstrate and troubleshoot hydronic and renewable energy components. “The videos are short and to-the-point,” states Mark Olson, GM Caleffi North America. “We are cognizant of demanding schedules and we Read more