ball valves

Valves play an essential role in plumbing systems. They control water flow by limiting or stopping the flow based on placement. But one quick trip down the plumbing aisle, and you’ll quickly find that PVC valves come in various styles. Knowing what valve is needed for which purpose takes some skill. As a general rule Read more

Announced at its press conference during the AHR Expo, NIBCO INC. introduced its 585HP (High Performance) Bronze Ball Valves, representing a giant leap in innovation in the ball valve market. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, the lead-free 585HP full port ball valve line allows for easier installation, adjustability, and long service life. The patented laser-welded Read more

Watts today announced Series LFB6080G2 full-port, 2-piece, lead free ball valves. The forged bronze valves, which comply with the Buy American Act, are designed for use in hospitals, schools, high-rise buildings, food processing plants and other commercial and industrial applications. Their full-port design and solid ball provide maximum flow capacity and minimal pressure drop. For Read more

Matco-Norca offers a full line of lead free ball valves to include 759MFLF Ball Valves comprised of lead free brass (0.25% weighted average lead content on wetted surfaces) in compliance with the new Federal Safe Drinking Water mandate. The 759MFLF (Male x Female Iron Pipe) lead free ball valves from Matco-Norca are full port 600 Read more

Viega introduces a new line of Viega ProPress® Zero Lead™ ball valves for Viega ProPress systems. Only Viega offers a line of press ball valves manufactured from material specifically designed for lead-free press systems. Made from Viega’s unique silicon-bronze alloy, engineered for press technology, these ball valves provide the same quality, reliability and performance as Read more