Allie Perez

Diversity is a word thrown around quite a bit lately. But, what does it mean? Diversity is “the practice of including and involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc.” The definition is clear. However, many wonder why diversity is imperative, particularly in a workplace Read more

Service Agreements (not contracts, “contract” is a dirty word) have been around about as long as service calls. Viewed as an insurance-type agreement where the customer receives bonuses or perks due to their commitment to your company. Businesses offer an array of services for those customers who opt for participating in a service agreement plan Read more

Contractors serve Customers. Customers vary from residential homeowners to industrial locations or mobile homes to government contracts. Contractors need to be able to communicate with a bevy of personality and customer types. Even the strongest and most experienced Contractor can still encounter Customer complaints. Below is a list of the most common complaints about Contractors Read more

There are a few certainties in the trades. Upon entering the trades, my peers instructed me on the three basic principles of trades work: poop flows downward, payday is on Friday and the boss is a jerk. The “boss” is typically the Master Licensed Contractor and the business owner. This person wears many hats and Read more

The industry of “green” runs rampant in American culture. Cleaning products, health/wellness, restaurants, this “trend” accounts for over two million businesses in the United States. Construction has the biggest potential for positive change. While it costs more to build green, contractors and consumers find the savings in operation costs greatly outweighs the initial investment. Here’s Read more