Taco KV & KS SelfSensing ProBalance™ Pumps

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The Taco SelfSensing Series with ProBalance™ integrates Taco KV or KS pumps with a variable frequency drive. SelfSensing ProBalance™ pumps allow the installer to accomplish easy do-it-yourself system balancing for both constant flow central plant applications and variable flow building distribution applications. The revolutionary system greatly reduces balancing contractor costs at commissioning or start-up.

Pump performance curves are embedded in the memory of the speed controller. During operation, pump power and speed are monitored, enabling the controller to establish the hydraulic performance and position in the pump’s head-flow characteristic. This enables the pump to continuously identify required head and flow at any point, providing accurate pressure control without the need for external sensor feedback.

SelfSensing ProBalance pumps can be run in constant flow mode for chiller/boiler pumps (primary), system curve mode for variable flow pumps (secondary), and constant pressure mode for booster pumps. All three modes reduce energy consumption.  By slowing pump RPMs, pump life is increased.

ProBalance pinpoints true system resistance without inducing false head, balancing internally and automatically. This means lower installed cost, no errors in setpoint, a simplified construction schedule and no risk of sensor failure. The pumps include automatic alerts (with optional shutdown) for no-flow, dry-run and end-of-curve operation, and are electronically protected for overload and locked rotor conditions.

SelfSensing SKV pumps are available in sizes from1.5 hp to 10 hp.  The SKS line is available from 1.5 hp to 60 hp. Models up to 600 hp will be available next year.

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