Taco Differential Pressure Sensors

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Taco is adding two differential pressure sensors to their extensive line of hydronic system components. The sensors relay system performance information to a VFD or to a building management system.
The Taco DPS3100D is a high performance, microprocessor-based transmitter offering flexible pressure calibration and push button configuration.  The transmitter can be used for differential pressure or level applications; a field calibrator is not required for configuration.  In the event of a power loss or shut-down, the unit stores settings and correction coefficients.  The 100:1 rangeability allows the smart transmitter to be configured to fit any application.
The Taco DPS629 monitors differential pressures of air and compatible gasses and liquids.  The design uses dual sensors that convert pressure changes into a standard 4-20 mA output signal for two-wire circuits.  Its small size and few moving parts make for exceptional response time and reliability.  Terminal block, zero, and span adjustments are easily accessed under the top cover.  Designed to meet NEMA 4x (IP66) construction, the unit is applicable for flow elements, heat exchangers, filters, pumps and coils. www.taco-hvac.com.

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