Survive the inter-generational communications gap/MSCA 2013

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Are you struggling with the communication gap between those who grew up with computers and those who adapted to them as adults? Companies around the country are plagued by miscommunication stemming from e-mail etiquette, social media policies, and inconsistent online/offline personalities. Join Jake Greene for his MSCA 2013 Annual Conference session, Face Time Meets Facebook Time: Inter-generational Communication and Innovation, to learn more about this rapidly growing business issue. He will focus on the key differences in the way generations communicate and how to leverage the strengths of each group. You will also learn how to gain insight into the habits and attitudes of young professionals by studying television, movies, and music from their pop culture upbringing. Greene, the founder of the consulting practice Greene Group, works with organizations on communication, branding, change, and growth initiatives. To learn more about MSCA 2013 and to register, go to If you need help with your room arrangements, please contact Sobeida Orantes at 800-556-3653 or

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