SunTouch ShowerMat

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ShowerMatInstallationsmSunTouch® announces the ShowerMat™ Electric Floor heating mat designed for use in showers. The SunTouch Floor Heating Shower Mat transforms the shower experience into a relaxing spa-like retreat. Designed for a quick and easy installation, simply lay the mat on a clean surface, apply the double-sided tape, apply thinset, and then install your desired floor covering.  Available in 120V – 36” x 60” or 48” x 48” with a 4” center drain cutout, the mat is UL listed at 12-watts/square foot.

“We are excited to introduce the new SunTouch ShowerMat as another simple way to add comfort & luxury into the bathroom.  These pre-formed mats are made to fit into existing shower pans available on the market.  Guess work and waste are eliminated from the installation leaving the installer a quicker way to add value for the home owner,” said Shelby Combs, Associate Product Manager, SunTouch.

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