Substantial time and investment in research leads to hilmor™ HVAC/R product innovation

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East Longmeadow, Mass. —  More than six years ago, an idea was born to revolutionize the HVAC/R tool industry and help technicians do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. This year, that inspiration became reality when hilmor – one of  the most extensively researched line of HVAC/R tools – introduced more than 150  new products to the industry. hilmor products are now available in HVAC/R distributor locations across the country.

In-depth research confirmed that the HVAC/R tool industry had been slow to innovate, so hilmor responded with a methodical approach to build a new line of tools based on fresh insights to meet the needs of the market.

Throughout the six-year, multimillion dollar R&D process, hilmor worked alongside technicians – studying their tools, how they used them and finding out how they could be better. hilmor engineers, developers and marketers visited 45 jobsites and rode alongside 80 contractors throughout the U.S. From drawings to prototypes, engineers developed and tested more than 60 product concepts with thousands of HVAC/R technicians and distributor employees in the field, as well as in focus groups.

“These tools really are designed by and for HVAC/R techs,” says Joe Houle, a former HVAC/R tech and current R&D project leader for hilmor. “We simulated real-life working conditions – dropping and banging the tools, and using them in dark, tight spaces.”

The research has paid off, with technicians embracing the new tools. Recently, Heating and Cooling Supply in Orange, Calif. started carrying hilmor tools.

“I’ve used a lot of swaging tools in my 21 years in the HVAC/R industry and the hilmor Compact Swage Tool by far is the best one,” says Erick Keeme, territory manager for Heating and Cooling Supply. “It’s compact, well-built and versatile, and I like how it’s designed so I can use it with one hand.”

hilmor continues to work hand-in-hand with HVAC/R techs on products in the pipeline for 2014 and beyond.

“Technicians face a lot of challenges in the field – the environments they work in are demanding and physically challenging,” says Mark Leichthammer, director of global consumer insights for hilmor. “The hilmor line is specifically developed to revolutionize the way technicians work and get their jobs done.”

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