Stanley Laser Distance Measurer

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Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 9.05.48 AMSimple, accurate, and powerful, Stanley introduces the new lightweight and compact TLM65 Laser Distance Measurer-model STHT77032.
Featuring a variety of functions in an easy-to-use design, the TLM65 Laser Distance Measurer is small enough to fit in a pocket and provides a great resource for multiple trades such as real estate agents, contractors, landscapers, painters, and for do-it-yourselfers.
With its automatic calculations, the Laser Distance Measurer makes job estimates quick and easy, instantly calculating square footage and more of a room or space.

With a range of 65 feet, the TLM65 Laser Distance Measurer is accurate to within 1/8 inch. A simple two-button design makes measuring distance, calculating square-feet, and even cubic-feet quick and easy. With continuous measurement, finding your target distance is easy, fast, and efficient.

The TLM65 Laser Distance Measurer was designed by Stanley’s team of world-class engineers and industrial designers to be a versatile electronic tool that delivers an unprecedented level of accuracy, reliability and long-term performance.
The handheld, battery-powered device feature state-of-the-art electronics and easy to read LCD screens that make the process of taking long measurements or performing complex calculations fast and easy. This accelerates both estimates and execution of jobs for builders and remodelers, drywallers, painters, and flooring installers, inspectors, appraisers, realtors, and architects, as well as homeowners and DIYers.

The TLM65 Laser Distance Measurer automatically calculates distance, area, and volume with continuous measurement tracking functionality that helps find the target quickly and easily. One person can measure 65 feet without assistance. The laser measurers’ addition and subtraction features offer a convenient calculations in English or metric, fractional or decimal modes.
The TLM65 Laser Distance Measurer will be available in May 2014 at mass retailers, home centers, and independent retailers for approximately $59.99.

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