STANLEY laser distance measurer

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STHT77343_4_Bluetooth_logoSTANLEY® introduces the new lightweight and compact TLM99s Laser Distance Measurer – model STHT77343 – with Bluetooth® connectivity that syncs the TLM99s to smart phones and tablets via the STANLEY® Floor Plan App.

With its automatic calculations, the Laser Distance Measurer makes job estimates quick and easy, instantly calculating square footage, volume, and distance. The multi-functional TLM99s Laser Distance Measurer is small enough to fit in a pocket and is a great tool for builders, remodelers, real estate agents, contractors, landscapers, painters, and do-it-yourselfers.

With a range of 100’ (30m), the TLM99s Laser Distance Measurer is accurate to within +/-3/32” (2mm) and allows one user to take long measurements without assistance. The simple design allows for measuring distance, calculating square-footage, and even cubic-footage. The continuous measurement function allows users to find their target distance quickly and easily.

TLM99s features an addition and subtraction function for convenient calculations in the field and can be set to work in English or metric, or fractional or decimal modes. The handheld, battery-powered device features state-of-the-art electronics and an easy to read LCD screen that simplifies the process of taking long measurements or performing calculations.

The TLM99s can be used alone or with the new STANLEY® Floor Plan App. Available for iOS and Android™ devices, STANLEY® Floor Plan allows users to quickly and accurately create floor plans. Using a Smartphone’s or tablet’s camera, STANLEY® Floor Plan users can stand in the center of a room, automatically generating a floor plan by tapping on the screen to designate placement of room corners and doors. The STANLEY® Floor Plan App’s intuitive software estimates measurements from point to point creating a drawing of the room with dimensions. Individual room plans can easily be linked together to create a complete floor plan.

To ensure accurate room measurements, the TLM99s Bluetooth® connectivity allows users to select any dimension on the floor plan and automatically sync with the distance captured on the TLM99s.  No manual entry of dimensions is necessary – in your floor plan select the dimension you want to verify, point and click the TLM99s, and move on to the next dimension. The end result is a floor plan with dimensions accurate to within the accuracy of the LDM – 3/32” (2mm).

The STANLEY® Floor Plan App automatically displays each room’s dimensions and square footage calculations providing quick reference for paint, flooring or other building materials estimates. The STANLEY® Floor Plan App also allows you to add objects such as furniture, appliances, windows, doors, and more making it an excellent space-planning tool.

Floor plans can be saved and organized in project folders for future reference, or shared with other STANLEY® Floor Plan users for free. Floor plans can also be purchased to be exported as pdf, jpeg, excel, or dxf files to be printed, shared via email, social media, or sent directly to retailers.

STANLEY® Floor Plan is now available for download through iTunes® or Google Play™. It will be free to download with a $2.99 fee per floor plan to export, a $9.99 monthly subscription, or a $99.99 yearly subscription for unlimited floor plans.
The STANLEY® TLM99s Laser Distance Measurer will be available in March 2015 at mass retailers, home centers, and independent retailers for approximately $119.99.

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