Stanley® Iconic PowerLock® Tape Rule

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Stanley® Tools, a leading manufacturer of hand tools, is celebrating 50 years since the launch of the popular PowerLock® tape measure line. To commemorate this anniversary, Stanley® is releasing a limited edition series of five tape measures featuring unique designs dedicated to important highlights in the Powerlock® tape measure’s rich history. The tributes include: a replication of the original “Life Guard Yellow” Powerlock® design; a celebration of “Made in the USA” with global materials; a testament to its inclusion in the Apollo 11 lunar landing gear; an homage to the famous Powerlock® moniker “Badge of the Professional”; and a nod to Stanley®’s Legacy of Invention. The classic D-shaped PowerLock® design was introduced in 1963 with the world’s first coilable spring and sliding lock, which continue to be the core of modern day designs. In the 50 years since it was launched, the PowerLock® tape measure is one of the best selling tapes in the world. Each of these 25-foot tape measurers feature a sliding lock, which conveniently holds the blade in place, a rigid 7 feet of standout, Mylar® protective blade coating for durability, and a Tru-Zero™ end hook for accurate measurements. A new tape measure will be available every three months and the fifth one will be free with purchase of the first four. Available at independent channel hardware stores in March 2013 each tape will sell for approximately $9.99.

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