Spirax Sarco launches new YouTube video series: A Case for Steam™

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Blythewood, SC – Spirax Sarco, the leader in products and services for steam systems, announced today the launch of: A Case for Steam – the latest three part educational series on their YouTube Channel playlist. The Spirax Sarco YouTube Channel  offers free videos on various educational topics targeting the industrial and institutional markets. This series includes information on: What is steam and why do people use it, where is steam used, and how the use of steam will change in the future. “Videos have always been a great way to share tips or information on specific subjects or topics.” Stephen Gow, Director of Marketing for Spirax Sarco said. “Our videos help enhance our expanding online presence, and provide new avenues of communicating the value of steam being used as an energy source directly to a wide audience.” After watching ‘A Case for Steam’ video series, you will have a complete understanding of the principals of steam and why it is so important in today’s modern facilities.

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