Sloan max-efficiency toilet system

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sloan2Water Conservation as a strategic imperative in healthcare isn’t always top of mind, but saving water should be everyone’s business. Sloan’s new 1.1 gpf toilet systems, which combine a vitreous china toilet fixture with either a manual or sensor-operated high-efficiency 1.1 gpf flushometer help professionals in healthcare practice water conservation without thinking about it. The new combinations provide consistent, reliable performance designed to help the facility as well as the professionals who build and renovate those facilities achieve their goals of lowering water usage while maintaining performance expectations in new or retrofit construction.

These new toilet systems represent Sloan’s most water efficient products, using 14% less water than the company’s current lowest combinations at 1.28 gpf, and 31% less than the 1.6 gpf EPA standard. While 14% may not seem a great deal, some studies show that healthcare institutions are consistently within the top 10 water users in their communities. According to Christy Love, a senior project engineer at RDH Engineering writing in HEALTHCARE DESIGN, hospitals are “using an average of 570 gallons of water per staffed bed, per day. To put this figure into perspective, consider that the average American citizen uses around 150 gallons of water per day.” Furthermore, these max-efficiency plumbing products can contribute to LEED® Credits for water use reduction in healthcare facilities. The new combinations provide effective, low-maintenance flushing in public restrooms while reducing water consumption.

As the broadest 1.1 gpf product range available, Sloan offers three water-efficient flushometer options. Sloan’s latest innovations in this flushing technology are Royal® manual valves and ECOS® and SOLIS® electronic valves – all paired with Sloan floor-mount, floor-mount ADA and wall-hung bowls for a total of 9 different combinations. The flushometers include:

Royal: Sloan’s best-selling model, this manual flushometer provides years of exceptional reliability and performance.

ECOS: ECOS battery-operated, sensor-activated flushometers provide hands-free operation while delivering significant water savings. ECOS flushometers include an override button for manual use.

SOLIS: SOLIS utilizes solar panels with battery back-up to help power the flushometer, effectively doubling the battery life. SOLIS flushometers include an override button for manual use.

Especially well-suited for new construction, these new 1.1 gpf toilet systems serve all commercial vertical markets and are now available throughout Sloan’s extensive distribution network.

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