Slant Fin Heat Loss iPad Ap

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Slant Fin Corporation is the first baseboard and boiler company to come out with a heat loss calculator app for iPad and iPhone. We would love for you to download the free app and give it a try.  This user friendly app can be used as a heat loss calculator as well as a product selection guide. Once the app is loaded you don’t need internet access to use the calculator, you will only need that to learn more about the products suggested and go to the website. Use this app to help determine the  BTU requirements for a home or job on a room by room basis. The app will show you how much baseboard you need for each room, plus allow you to choose a boiler that will handle the complete job.

The free version release will be for limited time only, so try it now.  

On your iPhone or iPad, click on the app store and search for:  “Slantfin”  (without quotes)


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