Sioux Chief Hosts Plant Tour for ASA Young Executives

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Rough plumbing manufacturer, Sioux Chief, last week hosted the American Supply Association (ASA) Young Executives to its manufacturing plant tour. The American manufacturer hosts numerous in-depth spring and summer tours as an opportunity to share significant “value added” information with plumbing wholesaler and contractor business owners and managers whose success relies, in part, on new innovative product designs that yield measurable savings in time, labor, and money.

Nearly 60 plumbing wholesaler and contractor executives attended the guided plant tour, enabling them to experience first hand, the manufacturing capabilities and innovative processes that produce many of the products their businesses sell and install.

Sioux Chief CEO, Joe Ismert, says the value to the visiting customer is tangible because it provides a window to Sioux Chief's innovative philosophy, methods, and designs.

“The plant tour enables customers to realize how they can positively affect their businesses with time, labor, and money savings by raising their level of awareness of Sioux Chief products which often causes them to adjust how and why they use Sioux Chief products,” says Ismert.

“Thousands of customers have visited the Sioux Chief campus for tours over the years. Very
commonly they say 'we had no idea you made all of this.'”

Ismert says that in a market known for buying and selling instead of manufacturing, visitors are stunned to learn that one company could invent and manufacture so many products, enough to fill hundreds of catalog pages, in a single factory.

“The tour highlighted the broad depth of inventory Sioux Chief actually makes at its own facility,” said ASA member, Luke Wiedeman of Reeves-Wiedeman Company. “Amazing, they do a whole lot more than I was aware of. Knowing makes a difference for my customers who make a point of using Made in America parts and products.”

Sioux Chief has patented many of its products and engineered the tooling and equipment used to automate and manufacture the products all at its manufacturing plant in Peculiar, Missouri, several miles south of Kansas City.

Sioux Chief products are sold through wholesale plumbing distributors nationwide.

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