Simplify Security for Businesses

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Fast, easy to use security platform and smart fingerprint padlock streamline the process  

Padlocks are commonly used in businesses to secure assets, but assigning keys, managing user permissions and tracking access history is time-consuming, inefficient and often times impractical. Tapplock enterprise utilizes a smart fingerprint padlock, Tapplock one+, and a centralized access control management platform to simplify the process.

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The Tapplock enterprise™️ management platform is designed for teams of all sizes and allows the business to set custom permissions for users and manage them via groups. Using the platform, employers can view all of the locks across a map as well as deploy and revoke fingerprints remotely and set access privileges with 3 ways to unlock: fingerprint, Morse Code and Bluetooth. Comprehensive audit reports allow businesses to track every account activity with ease and view timestamps for when a lock was unlocked and locked. The platform sends mobile notifications for account related events and exports audit reports.

Taplock padlocks, jobsite security, locks, padlocks, Tapplock enterprise management platformInstead of relying on keys that can be duplicated or lost, Tapplock one+ uses a state-of-the-art fingerprint reader to allow users to gain access. The rugged lock features a 7mm reinforced stainless-steel shackle, strengthened by double-layered lock design with anti-shim and anti-pry technologies. It also boasts proprietary 128-bit encryption with a myriad of security protocols for enhanced protection.

The smart padlock has an industry leading IP67 water-proof rating that allows the lock to function even when completely submerged. Tapplock one+ is dust and rust-proof as well and is fully functional between -4 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The lock’s battery lasts up to a year off a single 2-hour charge, which equates to around 3,500 unlocks per charge, and users can check the remaining power using the Tapplock app. The lock also blinks red when the power is below 10%, indicating it is time for a recharge.

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Tapplock Corp. is an IoT technology company providing smart security solutions to both end-consumers and enterprise clients.

In 2015, Tapplock Corp. introduced the world’s first smart fingerprint padlock: Tapplock one, a convergence of biometrics, security, and wireless technologies.

Tapplock is 2018 CES® innovation Award Honoree recipient, named as “Canadian’s Top 15 Startups” by Metabridge.