She Built Foundation Announces Official Launch and Participation at International Builders’ Show

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The newly established non-profit organization, She Built Foundation, encourages and inspires girls to take up building and construction careers

The She Built Foundation, a newly established nonprofit organization, is thrilled to announce its official launch and participation at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) during the last week in February. The foundation, founded by Mollie Elkman, author of The House That She Built, is dedicated to inspiring girls from a young age to explore careers in the building and construction industry.

Building on the success of Elkman’s book, The House That She Built, the She Built Foundation aims to spark curiosity and excitement in girls by connecting their interests with the idea of shaping physical spaces. By reaching girls at the beginning of their journey, the foundation aims to cultivate a robust pipeline of building and construction talent.

“We are taking action in response to the growing labor crisis facing the entire construction industry,” says Elkman. “While there certainly are solutions further down the pipeline, we recognize the need to engage girls at a young age and plant the seeds of curiosity and excitement. By creating a pipeline of talent through education, representation, and community engagement, we can future-proof the industry and ensure it reflects the diverse communities it serves.”

Challenging tradition: The She Built Foundation focuses on three key program areas: representation, education and skills, and community engagement. Through storytelling and content, the foundation challenges traditional ideas about who construction careers are right for, ensuring girls are aware of the opportunities available to them.

Additionally, the foundation provides curriculum and programs to nurture girls’ excitement and curiosity, allowing them to develop the skills necessary for a career in construction.

Finally, the foundation taps into the industry to establish ambassadors who serve as role models, mentors, and advocates within the community.

To accelerate its work, the She Built Foundation is raising $1 million to distribute copies of The House That She Built to nonprofit organizations across the country, develop curriculum for youth organizations such as the Girl Scouts and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and scale the She Built Foundation Ambassador program to reach more communities nationwide.

“We are excited to invite corporate partners who share our values and vision to join us in our mission,” says Elkman. “With their support, we can continue to drive awareness about the industry, develop an engaging curriculum, and expand our reach to inspire more young girls across the country.”

The She Built Foundation will have a prominent presence at IBS with a booth located at #C30 in the Central Concourse, just outside of Halls C3/C4.

“IBS presents an incredible opportunity to showcase the organization’s mission and engage with industry professionals,” says Elkman.

She Built Foundation Schedule of Events at IBS:

  • Workforce Development Champions Forum – The Power of Women in the Industry: On Tuesday, February 27, from 3:30 to 4:30 PM, Elkman will be moderating this forum and interviewing influential women in the industry. The program will focus on workforce development and take place at LVCC – North 243. Click here for more information.
  • Book Signing at the Oatey Co. Booth: The She Built Foundation is proud to announce a special book signing event in collaboration with Oatey. This event will take place in the Oatey booth (#N3227) on Tuesday, February 27, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Oatey, a proud supporter of the foundation, recognizes the importance of promoting and empowering women within the building and construction industry. Attendees will have the chance to engage with Elkman and receive a signed copy of her book.
  • Panel Discussion at the MiTek Booth: On Wednesday, February 28 at 11:15 AM, Elkman will be part of a panel discussion at the MiTek booth (#C5837), sharing insights and expertise on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the industry. Following the panel discussion, Elkman will be available for another book signing, during which attendees will have the opportunity to receive a complimentary signed copy of The House That She Built.
  • The NationalsSM — National Sales and Marketing Awards: This is NAHB’s largest and most prestigious awards competition, paying tribute to superior sales and marketing achievements by individual professionals, home builders and their associates, and sales and marketing councils. The Nationals Awards ceremony is one of the highlights of IBS, drawing over 700 attendees for this black-tie multimedia celebration.

The She Built Foundation is a proud sponsor of the Nationals awards program. Award winners will also receive a complimentary drink on the foundation. The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday, February 28, from 5:00 to 9:00 PM at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Click here for more information.

The She Built Foundation is calling on industry professionals, organizations, and individuals to support its mission through donations and partnerships. “By joining forces,” says Elkman, “we can cultivate the next generation of builders and trades professionals to create a thriving construction industry that embraces diversity and representation.”

For more information about the She Built Foundation and to become involved, visit its new website at

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