Sellars Adds New Product to TOOLBOX® WaterWeave® Series

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Sellars Absorbent Materials, a Milwaukee-based manufacturer of wipes, absorbents and towel and tissue products, is extending its TOOLBOX® WaterWeave line with the addition of the T600. The light to medium-duty T600 is a solvent resistant and contaminant-free wiper that combines strength, durability and absorbency to tackle tough cleaning jobs and rough surfaces.

Sellars is extending its TOOLBOX® WaterWeave line with the addition of the light to medium-duty T600 wiper.

The WaterWeave T600 is a low linting and latex-free product that can soak up oil and solvents and clean dirt and grime from surfaces without leaving particles behind. Since the wipers are contaminant-free, they are a safer alternative to laundered rental shop towels and cloth rags, which studies show contain residual oils, chemicals and metal shavings.

The WaterWeave T600 is available in an interfold pop-up box and jumbo roll. The WaterWeave line now includes the T600, T700 and T800 that provide light, medium and heavy-duty wipers.

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