Self-guided island tub drain

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Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.23.44 AMMarketing Representatives LLC (MRL) representing the OS&B® (Oakville Bending & Stamping, Ltd.) is introducing a patent-pending, self-guided, self-sealing ITD Series of Island Tub Drains that can be mounted on free-standing island tubs, claw tubs and regular tubs. The ITD Series allows for freestanding tub locations to be defined at the rough-in stage allowing the tub to be installed over a finished floor. The ITD Series can help installers and renovators position a free-standing bathtub in minutes rather than hours.

No more hand-maneuvering or manipulating the island tub into position. Installers can simply attach the correct tailpiece (supplied) or ABS Reducing Bushing (also supplied) to the bath drain and lower the tub into the specially designed self-guided rubber seal. Remove the tub by simply lifting, saving time and money.

The ITD Series saves installers hours of installation time by defining tube installation at the rough-in stage there by reducing unnecessary handling and damage to the tub. The ITD-35 is tailpiece mounted on the tub prior to positioning. The island tub drain models available are ITD-35 ABS Island Tub Drain, ITD-5135 PVC Island Tub Drain and are ID-357 Cast Iron.

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