SANISWIFT from SFA Saniflo

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The SANISWIFT from SFA Saniflo, one of the most petite and stylish gray water pumping systems available, has undergone several plumber-friendly design modifications to simplify and speed its already easy installation. Half the size of comparable pumps in its class, the SANISWIFT is shipped fully assembled, with its gray water pump tucked inside its covered, bucket-shaped container, ready for immediate installation.

About the size of a small wastebasket, the compact SANISWIFT pump is an ideal, above-floor plumbing solution where no below-floor drainage exists. It will pump wastewater away from a kitchen, laundry or bar sink; a shower or a bathroom sink; a washing machine (indirect connection) or a dishwasher. Equipped with three, 1-1/2-inch inlets – two on the bottom and one on top – the SANISWIFT can remove up to 24 gallons of waste water per minute (depending on discharge-line length) from three separate plumbing fixtures. The compact unit with its smooth, rounded contours slips neatly and attractively into tight spaces where other pumps, with their bulkier commercial designs, can neither fit nor look as good.

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