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ROTHENBERGER USA introduces the ROSCOPE 1000 Video Scope, a versatile and high performance handheld battery-powered inspection device designed for plumbers and HVAC contractors to quickly and easily inspect connection and collector pipes. By using different types of modules pipes from DN40 up to DN100, hollow spaces can also be precisely inspected.

The ROSCOPE 1000 Video Scope patented system in the camera head always keeps the picture upright and prevents loss of orientation in unclear, huge hollow spaces. The upright picture alleviates misdiagnosis during inspection and in post processing. The zoom function makes it possible to enlarge the picture and makes it easier to evaluate details as the picture resolution is set at 720×480, while the scrolling feature allows scrolling over details when the picture is zoomed. The recording feature allows recording of pictures and videos on SD card for documentation and post- processing on laptop and PC.

The ROSCOPE® 1000 Set Pipe 25/16 module enables end-users to inspect pipes up to 4-inches O.D. The flexible camera head allows for 90-degree bends and precisely locating the camera head is simple with the integrated transmitter. The addition of the ROLOC PLUS: Underground Line Detection Unit allows end-users to turn their ROSCOPE® 1000 into an underground line detection unit. This unit features a simple and clear menu design guides the end-user step-by- step through the locating process. It also allows end users to choose different frequencies and pin-point the depth and location of the transmitter.

The ROSCOPE Video Scope 1000 kit includes a 48-inch Imager, Li-Ion Battery, charger and carrying case. The 25/16 and ROLOC are sold separately.

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