ROSCAN 150 infrared camera

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ROTHENBERGER USA RoscanROTHENBERGER USA now offers the ROSCAN 150 Infrared camera with touchscreen WIFI capability that enables the thermal imager to make easy work of analysis of warm and cold sources. This new camera is the latest addition to the ROSCOPE® line of cameras offered by the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative, technologically advanced pipe tools and pipe machining machines used in the sanitary, heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, gas and environmental technology sectors.

The ROSCAN 150 can be used for leak detection and analysis of refrigeration and heat sources and relies on overlay technology that allows the user to see both the visual image and the thermal image for more accurate analysis and understanding. This camera has a high level of accuracy, measuring with a range of -4 degrees to 428 degrees. The ROSCAN 150 offers a simple to use, system also features emissivity settings for exact temperature differentiation of various materials.

The ROSCAN 150 is available as a single unit, or as a complete drain inspection set, the ROSCOPE i2000 modular system has use in multiple applications.

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