Rinnai Q Premier Boiler

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Rinnai’s new Q Premier Boiler combines the efficiency of a Rinnai heating-only boiler coupled with a 24-gallon charged indirect tank, bringing the best of both technologies into a single unit and offering homeowners reliable comfort, added efficiency and more versatility than ever. 

The new Q Premier Boiler System by Rinnai offers a one-appliance answer to residential heating and water-heating needs. Ideal for retrofit or new construction applications, the Q Premier Boiler is a complete solution with flexible plumbing and venting options, and it greatly reduces the need for sourcing components.



  • 24-gallon stainless steel charged indirect tank
  • High domestic output—up to 211 gallons in first hour
  • Fully-assembled system for easy installation
  • A complete solution—no sourcing components
  • Multiple plumbing and venting options for installation flexibility
  • Reduced install time equals more profit
  • Great for replacement and new construction
  • Designed for zero-clearance installations
  • Pre-piped to utilize a DHW recirculation line
  • Integrated low loss header

For more info, http://www.rinnai.us/boiler/product/qp130n

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