Rinnai E-Series Combi Boiler

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Rinnai E Series Boilers are designed for homes with smaller domestic hot-water requirements—one to two baths. Two models in the E Series use an integrated single-speed boiler pump and three-way valve that provide domestic priority and supply a home with heat, as well as continuous hot water. The proprietary stainless-steel heat exchanger is unmatched in the industry for performance and durability. E Series Boilers are engineered to offer homeowners the perfect heating solution with minimal maintenance. Unlike most traditional boilers, Rinnai E Series Boilers are wall hung offering additional space savings and installation flexibility. All E Series Boilers are approved for venting lengths up to 200 feet and comply with the SCAQMD low NOx requirements.


For more information about Rinnai and their entire product line, visit rinnai.us.

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