Restrooms’ Modern Design Shine at Compensar Headquarters

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Compensar, located in the Suba area of Bogota, Colombia, is a product of its surroundings, blending into its vivacious urban environment. Inspired by the relationship to water, the 193,750-sq.-ft., seven-floor structure features several pools surrounded by lush green space.

Daniel Bonilla;Compensar Sede Suba;Enrique Guzmán G.

With an eye for clean, attractive and modern design, the architects and designers wanted to incorporate contemporary ideas. They chose to install efficient, environmentally friendly elements throughout Compensar, including an array of efficient Sloan products.

Architects specified restroom products that not only conserved water, but are also recommended by the people who work with them every day. Royal flushometers were installed in virtually every restroom in the building. These hardwired, concealed flushometers are attractive and water efficient. The TMO (True Mechanical Override) ensures the toilet can be flushed in the event of a power outage.


With optimal sensing technology, Optima Automatic Sink Faucets use solar energy harvesting to deliver hygienic, touch-free performance.

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