RefrigiWear All-Weather Workwear Increases Safety and Productivity for Winter Workers

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When the weather gets rough, tough workers reach for RefrigiWear

When your “office” is the great outdoors, you’re at the mercy of whatever weather blows your way. Cold, windy and wet conditions make tough jobs even tougher. Now, workers who go toe-to-toe with Old Man Winter can stay safe, warm and productive in any weather with the durable protection of insulated workwear from RefrigiWear.

If you’ve never heard of RefrigiWear, you’re not alone. But step into any refrigerated warehouse or cold storage freezer, and RefrigiWear jackets, bib overalls and coveralls are practically all you’ll see.

“RefrigiWear invented the original freezer suit back in 1954 for people working in the then-emerging frozen food business,” explains Mitch Harden, Vice President of Outdoor Sales. “We quickly earned a reputation for making the warmest, most durable and comfortable clothing for people working in the cold, inside or out — from 50° Fahrenheit above zero to 60°F below zero and everywhere in between.”

Focused on safety and productivity: RefrigiWear understands the unique challenges of working in the cold. As the temperature goes down, the risk of cold stress and cold-related injuries goes up, endangering worker safety and threatening productivity. RefrigiWear-insulated clothing increases warmth and safety for workers so they can focus on getting the job done right.

“Frostbite and hypothermia set in faster, and in milder temperatures, than you expect,” explains Harden. “Mind-numbing cold and wind increase the risk of costly on-the-job accidents. Not having the right cold weather protection can mean you’re literally risking your own life and limb, as well as that of others on the job site.”

After 70 years in business, RefrigiWear is still driven by its commitment to developing products that keep working people warm, whether they’re in a freezer, on a farm, on a highway, or on a high-rise construction site.

Here are three examples of our product offering designed for a range of difficult weather conditions:

Insulated Softshell Jacket

For example, the -20°F Insulated Softshell Jacket is a perennial favorite among people whose work requires long hours in subzero temperatures. Available in black, navy, and black with enhanced-visibility reflective tape, or in ANSI-rated high-visibility yellow or orange, this jacket was purpose-built for fighting frostbite and hypothermia without holding workers back or weighing them down.

Plus, this jacket is loaded with creature comforts, including:

  • a flexible outershell that moves with you while you work;
  • industrial-strength insulation to capture your own body heat for maximum warmth;
  • zippered pockets for holding your phone or small tools;
  • wind-sealing cuffs; and
  • a water-repellent, wind-tight finish that brushes off winter’s worst weather without breaking a sweat.

ComfortGuard™ Jackets, Bib Overalls and Coveralls

ComfortGuard™ Jackets, Bib Overalls and Coveralls are also popular with winter workers. Fully wind-tight, water-repellent and comfort-rated for -10°F, ComfortGuard gear from RefrigiWear delivers the comfortable and familiar fit-and-feel of denim with the added utility of tool loops, extra pockets and grime-resistant durability.

“Spring brings everything from drizzles to downpours and, at this time of year, most RefrigiWear customers who work outdoors are beginning to look for lightweight waterproof workwear,” adds Harden.

3-in-1 Rainwear Jacket

RefrigiWear can meet workers’ needs in those milder conditions, too. The 3-in-1 Rainwear Jacket, also available in ANSI-rated high-visibility lime, is comfort-rated for 10°F and keeps workers prepared to handle unpredictable weather on the job. When the rain rolls in, roll out the hood on the outer jacket, and add the inner coat when the temps drop.

“We’re here to protect the people who brave the worst conditions to keep our country running at its best,” says Harden.

Protect your workforce from cold, wet and windy weather so they can focus on getting the job done safely. Contact RefrigiWear today at for all-weather workwear recommendations personalized for your working conditions.

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