RectorSeal® Introduces a Line of Engineered HVAC/R Products to the U.S. Market

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Houston — RectorSeal® Corp., a leading manufacturer and U.S. distributor of quality HVAC/R products, has introduced a line of Engineered HVAC/R Products to design professionals through a nationwide network of bid/spec manufacturer's representatives.

Designated portions of three RectorSeal product lines–Big Foot Systems, SlimDuct and Aspen Pumps–will be marketed through bid/spec reps in the U.S. The brands' more standardized, shelf item products will continue to be sold through traditional HVAC/R wholesale distribution channels, according to Gerry Spanger, director of HVAC/R engineered product sales.

“The products accommodate discerning engineers and architects that design projects all the way down to equipment mounts, lineset ducting, condensate pumps and all the other basic accessories which ensure a professional, high performance  installation,” said Spanger. “If basic accessories aren't specified, the installer chooses products and methods based solely on price, or omits them altogether, which results in poor aesthetics and/or equipment performance that ultimately affects the engineer's reputation.”

RectorSeal obtained the three specialized brands when it acquired the assets of Airtec Products, Fall River, Mass., in 2011. The three lines offer:

• Big Foot Systems:  Engineered, labor-saving rooftop equipment mounting systems that consist of hot-dipped galvanized modular steel  tube frame assemblies supported by glass-filled nylon footings with anti-vibration pads. The mountings support all types and sizes of HVAC/R equipment, ductwork, piping and other building services on flat roof applications without roof membrane penetrations. 

• SlimDuct (RD-Series): A heavy duty, corrosion-resistant, steel ducting system designed specifically for the protection of the multiple rooftop linesets commonly utilized in the emerging market of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) multiple zone conditioning.

• SlimDuct (PD-Series): Light duty corrosion-resistant, PVC ducting for protecting smaller multiple lineset assemblies utilized in variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems as well as commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration systems.

•  Aspen Pumps: The industry’s widest selection of miniature condensate pumps conform to any application and work with all major brands of VRF and Mini-Split air conditioners.

In addition, design engineers can also choose products from the complete line of RectorSeal components and accessories for minisplit AC, including drain hose and fittings, specialized overflow switches, wall sleeves and condenser mounting brackets.

“Engineers and contractors want prospective customers to see their projects, so it's in everyone's best interest to showcase installations that not only meet all the design parameters for performance, but also look professional and esthetically pleasing,” Spanger said.

For more information or to receive the 24-page, color “RectorSeal Engineered HVAC/R Products Catalog,” please visit

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