Raven Products Appoints Mark J. D’Agostino President & CEO

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dAGWestborough, Mass. — Raven Products announced that Mark J. D’Agostino has been appointed President & CEO. “Six months ago Raven Products made one of the smartest business decisions in more than 30 years by hiring Mark D’agostino, former President of Wilo, USA. I have the honor and pleasure as Chief Operating Officer and Shareholder to announce as of March 1, 2014 Mark is our new President and CEO. With Mark’s incredibly vast knowledge of our industry, we have never been in a better position for whatever the future throws at us. Mark has tremendous experience in senior management positions and has such a passion for our great company we are sure to thrive for many years to come. People always ask how to describe Mark so here I go. Mark is the Babe Ruth of the plumbing and heating industry. He hits a home run every time he is challenged. Simple as that. Congratulations our fearless leader and most importantly my friend,” stated Michael Pelletz; Chief Operating Officer and Shareholder.

D’Agostino commented, “I am very excited to take on this next career challenge. Raven Products and the Pelletz family have done such a great job of building this company and I look forward to carrying on that tradition of excellence.”
Mark D’Agostino can be reached at mdagostino@ravenproducts.us.

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