Raven Products Announces NA Expansion; Hires of Mark D’Agostino as VP of Sales & product development

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Westborough, Mass. — Raven Products announced they have enacted a plan to expand sales and distribution operations throughout North America. Raven’s strong New England presence, innovative, high quality products and established professional infrastructure will provide a strong foundation to support this expansion. To aid in this expansion, Raven Products also announces the hiring of Mark J. D’Agostino as Vice President of Sales and Business development. D’Agostino brings 30 years of industry and senior management experience to Raven.

Les Pelletz, president of Raven Products commented, “After 30 years of distributing material throughout the northeast, Raven has now decided to expand. We are going to become a national distributor of plumbing and heating supplies throughout the USA. We are very excited about Mark joining Raven to expand our sales staff and grow our company. The future looks very bright for Raven as we keep adding innovative items to sell and adding to our sales force. Mark will bring his knowledge and contacts to help us grow. Growth is most important at this time. We cannot sit idly by and not grab for the Brass Ring. We want to wish Mark a big Raven Welcome.”

“I am thrilled to become part of such a historic, innovative and well run organization. I am honored that Raven’s ownership allowed me to become a part of the team to help drive this expansion. I look forward to the challenge and excitement ahead,” D’Agostino commented. D’Agostino most recently served as President & CEO of Wilo USA.

For more information on Raven Products, www.ravenproducts.us.

Mark J. D’Aostino can be reached at mdagostino@ravenproducts.us.

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