ProStaff Review: Milwaukee M18 FORCE LOGIC Knockout Tool

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Jon Block, LH Block Electric Company, LLC, Bartlett, Ill., got the chance to get out of the shop and use the Milwaukee M18 FORCE LOGIC Knockout set (model #2677-23) out in the field with one of his foreman, Bruce, and an apprentice.

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Knockout Tool, knockout tool, electrical, electricians, plumbing, LH Block Electrical Company, LLC

“The old hydraulic system would have taken 3x as long.” Jon Block of LH Block Electric Company, LLC takes the Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Knockout Tool out for a spin.

“Bruce was super excited to try it out and couldn’t wait to use it. One of the first things we both loved about it was the punch and dies themselves. The cross lines on the MILWAUKEE EXACT die helped us get each punch exactly right and on the mark.  We then began punching a series of 3/4”, 1”, and 2” holes and we both marveled at the ease and quickness of changing the punches back and forth,” says Block.

When using the old hydraulic knockout sets, someone always had to hold up the press and one guy would take off the die or punch. The press was always heavy and cumbersome and a hassle, and would leak hydraulic oil if not tightened properly. Granted, Block had one of its old trusty hydraulic knockout sets for 45 plus years and it did a great job for a very long time.

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Knockout Tool, knockout tool, electrical, electricians, plumbing, LH Block Electrical Company, LLC

“My Father used this set when he was an apprentice so it’s had it fair share of use. My hope is that this new Milwaukee punch set will hold up just as well. It seems very well constructed and has that old school Milwaukee marketing slogan  ‘Nothing but Heavy Duty’ feel to it,” says Block.

Punching knockouts is a one-person job now for LH Block. “We can do it from any position, which helps make it easier to use while up in the air or on a ladder. There are no hoses in the way to fumble around with.”

Overall, says Block, the tools performance itself was, for the most part, smooth as silk. “It took us a few seconds to get the trigger control down, but it was easy to adjust to. The dies are super sharp. I’m hoping that over time they’ll remain that way. I’m interested in how many holes we’d get in one battery, but we finished off 13 holes and it still had a full charge.

“My foreman is in love with this machine. Our apprentice, after very little instruction, was able to use it just as well. My guys always thought the best inventions in our trade was the Milwaukee M12 Bandsaw and the impacts. But I think they found a new favorite,” says Block.

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Knockout Tool, knockout tool, electrical, electricians, plumbing, LH Block Electrical Company, LLCInformation from Milwaukee Tool

Our M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 6 Ton Knockout Tool 1/2″-4″ Kit reduces the tedious steps of hole making, improving your speed and limiting your fatigue. This knockout punch tool is specifically designed to be the ideal mild steel punching tool. It is powerful enough to punch up to 4” holes in 14 gauge mild steel. It is also 40% lighter weight than other 6T knockouts available. The electrical knockout tool has a compact, right angle design that delivers you the best clearance in tight spaces. Our Quick Connect Alignment System provides you with easy set-up without the weight of the tool and speeds up repetitive punching. The tool is compatible with all our MILWAUKEE® EXACT™ punches and dies. The knockout dies are rated for both mild and stainless steel punching. Vivid red cross hairs provide you with accurate alignment and slug removal ports provide optimal slug removal. The gripping surface on the EXACT™ punches allows you to thread faster. The cordless 6-ton knockout tool delivers the Easiest Way to Punch.


(1) M18™ REDLITHIUM™ CP2.0 Battery (48-11-1820)
(1) M18™ & M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger (48-59-1812)
(1) EXACT™ Rapid Reset 3/4″ Draw Stud Set (49-16-2703)
(1) EXACT™ 4″ Punch (49-16-2679)
(1) EXACT™ 4″ Die (49-16-2678)
(1) EXACT™ 3-1/2″ Punch (49-16-2677)
(1) EXACT™ 3-1/2″ Die (49-16-2676)
(1) EXACT™ 3″ Punch (49-16-2675)
(1) EXACT™ 3″ Die (49-16-2674)
(1) EXACT™ 2-1/2″ Punch (49-16-2673)
(1) EXACT™ 2-1/2″ Die (49-16-2672)
(1) 7/16″ Draw Stud (49-16-2680)
(1) 3/4″ Draw Stud (49-16-2681)
(1) 1-1/8″ Draw Stud (49-16-2682)
(1) Quick Connect Alignment System
(1) Exact 1/2″ – 2″ Conduit Punches and Dies
(1) Carrying Case