PRIER Round Box

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C-634RB1 heavy duty commercial hydrant round boxThe new C-634RB1 heavy duty commercial hydrant round box is the answer to long and arduous hydrant box installations. This product was designed to simplify the process for plumbers, while maintaining the durability and finish of a traditional PRIER hydrant box.
“A plumbers’ time is valuable, and they have always praised how easy it is to install our C-634 commercial hydrant since it only requires a single hole. We’ve taken that logic one step further so that the entire box can be mounted or enclosed in one hole through the wall, cutting out some extra time and effort of a square box installation,” said PRIER R&D Manager Scott Brady.
While round hydrant boxes aren’t a new concept, including threaded bosses on the backside of the box is. During the development phase, PRIER’s engineering team decided to include this extra feature for plumbers who often find themselves looking for creative ways to secure hydrant boxes to the structure.
Ideal for tilt-up construction, the new Round Box installs through a 6″ core-drilled hole or schedule 40 PVC sleeve. This kind of simplicity is what the industry has been asking for, and according to our customers, having another box option helps keep their business competitive.
“Customers are excited to see PRIER continuing to release new products and offering ways to grow their commercial hydrant business,” stated Angelo Balistreri, Regional Sales manager for PRIER.
PRIER is proud to offer a time-saving solution to plumbers looking to install quality hydrants and boxes for their customers. The C-634RB1 is available now through your local supply house, requiring no minimum order.
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