Plumbing Museum Celebrates World Plumbing Day

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In conjunction with the World Plumbing Council’s annual World Plumbing Day celebration on March 11, The Plumbing Museum hosted an open house honoring industry professionals who contribute to the health and safety of our world through plumbing and sanitation.  Officially recognized by the U.S. Senate, World Plumbing Day occurs on March 11th “every year…everywhere,” and promotes the importance of global access to proper plumbing and sanitation.

“From all of us at the Plumbing Museum, thank you to everyone who came out this morning for the WPD Breakfast!  It was great to see all of you and we truly appreciate your support!” said Linda Veiking, Plumbing Museum coordinator.

A great crowd gathered for the Plumbing Museum's World Plumbind Day celebration.

Jack Uhlar of Newman Associates checking out one of the new items — the American Standard Baby Devoro, a staple in kindergarten bathrooms at The Plumbing Museum on “World Plumbing Day.”

One of the new additions, the Zurn “big boy” at 27″ left to right  is wider than a standard house toilet and it can carry 1,000 pounds.



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