Phyn Plus Pro Edition

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As showcased in the Uponor booth at the 2020 NAHB International Builder’s Show (IBS), Phyn, the leader in intelligent water solutions backed by Uponor and Belkin International, showcases its commitment to innovation in sustainable and water efficient construction products and technology with the introduction of Phyn Plus Pro Edition.

Created for and sold exclusively to professional channels including home builders and the residential construction community, Phyn Plus Pro Edition shares all of the best-in-class capabilities of the award-winning consumer Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff product, the most accurate and comprehensive whole-home smart water monitoring solution on the market.

The Phyn Plus Pro Edition is enhanced with features that are optimized for installation at scale, including an ethernet port, a direct scan QR code for quick setup, and a unique rough-in “blank” to hold the place of the device until the finish plumbing stages of construction.

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The adoption of smart home technology in standard new-home construction is growing at a rapid pace as more consumers want to stay connected to their homes for added security, convenience and comfort. 81% of home buyers are more likely to purchase a home with smart technology already installed. Not only does Phyn’s smart technology add to the overall value of a home, but also creates a more eco-friendly residence that supports the overwhelming majority of people looking to live more sustainably.

“In working with home builders we discovered that they have unique needs that the existing solutions on the market have not yet met,” said Ryan Kim, CEO of Phyn. “With the Pro Edition, we listened and took the opportunity to incorporate both their business as well as operational needs to develop an extension of our best-in-class Phyn Plus product that makes it easy for them to integrate into the existing life cycle of a new home build.”

Installed on a single location on the main water line, Phyn Plus Pro Edition is an innovative smart home device that protects and monitors a home’s entire plumbing system. The device analyzes microscopic changes in water pressure — 240 times every second — to fingerprint each water fixture and give homeowners unprecedented insight into their water consumption. From the smallest drip leak to frozen pipes, Phyn ensures homes are water tight and can automatically shut off the main water in the event of a catastrophic leak to mitigate damage.

With a sleek, durable, and compact design that is built for quick installation, the Phyn Plus Pro Edition features an integrated power supply that is built into the device. Additionally, the Pro Edition includes an ethernet port for the device to be hardwired to the home’s network instead of having to only rely on the homeowner’s WiFi. This is key in situations where the device may be installed in a part of the property where the WiFi signal may not adequately reach.

Professional channels will be able to purchase the Phyn Plus Pro Edition for $499 starting in Q3 of 2020. The device joins Phyn’s growing lineup of award-winning products, which includes the recently announced Phyn XL 1.5” and the Phyn XL 2” created for larger homes, new construction and light commercial properties with supply lines up to 2”. Phyn’s robust product suite now offers a full range of leak detection and water monitoring solutions for every type of residence, ranging from the DIY installed Phyn Smart Water Assistant to the professionally- installed Phyn Plus, Phyn XL1.5” and Phyn XL 2”.

Builders and professional installers may contact Phyn at for more information about the Phyn Plus Pro Edition.