PHCC webinar: Surviving an OSHA inspection

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If you have not yet felt the brunt of an OSHA inspection, chances are you will. Inspection efforts are escalating! When OSHA appears, the employer’s initial response will determine its success in avoiding and defending citations. OSHA’s first visit after an accident is the most important event in the life of the investigation. Procedures should be in place for dealing with an inspection. Failing to be ready for inspections may result in excessive civil penalties, significant abatement costs, criminal prosecutions, negative media coverage, and deteriorating employee relations. Attorney Bob Dunlevey will show you how to effectively handle an OSHA inspection. As an added feature, Bob will address one of OSHA’s newest areas of emphasis – heat related illnesses and the policies and procedures OSHA expects you to have.

Bob is a Board Certified Labor and Employment Law Specialist and has been the General Counsel for the Ohio PHCC for many years. Bob, his father and grandfather all operated the family’s plumbing and heating company which began in 1903. He knows our industry.

Wednesday, Sept 10th, 2014
3-4pm ET

Speaker: Bob Dunlevey, Jr, Dunlevey, Mahan + Furry

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