Pfister® Faucets Kicks Off Season Four of American Plumber Stories September 5

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Pfister® Faucets, a trusted leader in the plumbing industry since 1910, is kicking off Season 4 of American Plumber Stories, a popular docuseries that features the lives of plumbers throughout the U.S. A new generation is seeing the plumbing trades with new eyes. Now, in its fourth season, the wildly successful American Plumber Stories docuseries will highlight stories of building the workforce, told by young plumbers whose lives are being changed in phenomenal ways by the plumbing trade.

‘Young Guns,’ featuring Fulmer Plumbing out of South Carolina, premiers September 5.

American Plumber Stories aims to promote the plumbing trade to the next generation of professionals. The show highlights the stories of plumbers around the nation including how they got started in the plumbing trade and the passion they have for their profession. These stories show how they built a career that allows them to lead financially rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Over the past year, the docuseries built up a large following in the plumbing industry who passionately supports the mission that Pfister® Faucets, the creator of the docuseries, is pursuing. From plumbing businesses, plumbing product manufacturers to industry associations, many were inspired to join forces to turn American Plumber Stories into the movement it has become today.

‘Plumb Market,’ featuring Petri Plumbing out of New York, premiers September 25.

RIDGID, who has been instrumental as a partner since Season 2, will be joined by four new partners in Season 4, manufacturing leaders Oatey, Cintas, A. O. Smith, and State Water Heaters. These partnerships provide a tremendous footprint to distribute American Plumber Stories episodes on their high-reach social media platforms and to promote the docuseries at their trade show booths across the country.

“RIDGID is celebrating our 100-year anniversary this year, and we’ve had a lot of fun sharing stories with plumbers from the past, present and future. American Plumber Stories, and the work Pfister® Faucets is doing with this program, have helped a wider audience hear stories like these, and get to know and appreciate the hard work that goes into this profession. We’re excited to continue to support this show and its mission,” says Becky Brotherton, Director of Brand & Engagement Marketing, RIDGID.

Mechanical Hub, the largest independent plumbing-focused online resource platform, is collaborating with Pfister®Faucets to distribute American Plumber Stories episodes through its media platforms to nearly 1M social and digital media followers. Plumbers who are featured in the episodes will also appear on the Appetite for Construction podcasts that go into more depth about each of the inspiring stories in Season 4.

“After hearing the feedback from our listeners, as well as from our digital and social media audiences, we highly anticipate another year of partnering with Pfister® in supporting the American Plumber Stories docuseries on YouTube. We’ve seen in recent years just how important and essential the men and women that make up our plumbing family are to the health of the country,” says John Mesenbrink, President, Mechanical Hub.

“We feel that the American Plumber Stories series highlights and shines a bright light on the plumbers and organizations who help build the backbone of our nation, while encouraging the next generation of workers to join the trades,” says Mesenbrink.

The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors — National Association (PHCC), the premier trade organization for plumbing and HVAC professionals, has teamed up with American Plumber Stories and supports its message on a national level to its members, as well as in state and local chapters throughout the country.

One of the most visible faces of American Plumber Stories is its host, Craig Morgan. The country music icon is a TV personality (Beyond the Edge on CBS and others), celebrated outdoorsman, member of the Grand Ole Opry and Army veteran. Morgan has charted more than 25 songs on Billboard Top 100.

While Season 1 entertained with a look into the lives of ordinary plumbers with sometimes extraordinary lifestyles, Season 2 emphasized education in the trade and the opportunity this rewarding profession has to offer. Season 3 highlighted some of the most inspiring stories, told by plumbers whose lives were changed forever by the trade and Season 4 will share the stories of job creation, workforce development and solutions for those getting into the trade.

Season 4 Episode Release Week, Title and Participants

  • September 5th, Young Guns, Fulmer Heating, Plumbing & Cooling (South Carolina)
  • September 25th, Plumb Market, Petri Plumbing (New York)
  • October 16th, Roping the Future, Big Sky Plumbing (Utah)
  • November 6th, Royal Flush, Universal Plumbing (Nevada)
  • November 27th, Influence-HER, Deluxe Plumbing (Pennsylvania)
  • December 18th, Plumbing to Perform, Louisville Plumbing Company (Kentucky)

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