Nuheat Free-Form Floor Heating Cable

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Completely redesigned free-form floor heating solution, Nuheat Cable, boasts some of the industry’s largest sizes covering up to 240 square feet using a single kit. Representing an increase of 33% over Nuheat’s old cable, this redesigned floor heating system now easily covers large spaces such as basements, hallways and living rooms. The Nuheat Cable design is based on customer feedback and provides an easy-to-use, durable floor heating solution for tile, stone and laminate/engineered wood floors. Other notable improvements include patent-pending cable guide design and thinner factory splice. The revamped Nuheat Cable is another example of Nuheat’s commitment to innovation.
Key features of the redesigned Nuheat Cable are:
• Largest kit size increased by 33% (up to 120sq. ft. in 120V and 240sq. ft. in 240V)
• Completely redesigned, patent pending cable guide design
• Thinner, more pliable cold-lead
• New low-profile factory splice (the connection between the heating cable and the cold-lead)
•  A mid-point marker on the heating cable facilitating easier installation
• Zero EMF (electromagnetic field) cable design
• Industry leading 25-year warranty

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