Niles Electric Anode System

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Niles Steel Tank now offers new electric-powered anode systems for large, glass lined storage tanks.  The non-consumable titanium anodes balance the tank without the need for replacement anodes, whether retrofit or new installation.

The NST system solves one of the key problems with large steel tanks:  Scheduled maintenance of the tanks anode rods can be a costly process. Not only is there the expense of pulling systems offline, there is considerable down time and disruption of service to buildings. All of this can be eliminated by installing the powered anode system.

The maintenance-free, powered anode system can serve tanks up to 850 gallons, while eliminating the need to take the hydronic system off-line periodically to replace consumable anodes.  Hassle, maintenance costs, and “rotten egg” smell are avoided for the lifetime of the system. 

The titanium rods are connected to a small, wall-mounted power unit placed within 10 feet of the tank.  The easily-connected unit uses a standard 120V power outlet.  The anodes have one low-voltage wire and a ground wire, which is attached to the tank.  The system also offers the Visual Alert – if the system detects a fault in the wiring, the power source will flash with a green and red LED.

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