New American Standard Thermostatic Shower Shower Valves

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New sleek and stylish two-handle thermostatic shower valves are now available from American Standard, offering built-in diverters to make shower systems easier to use, less expensive to install, and more water efficient.

The new valves are available with two-way and three-way diverters — adding to the existing one-way outlet model — making them more economical to install than conventional two-handle thermostatic shower valves that require separate diverter valves. Plus, there is no shared function between outlets — channeling water flow between showerhead, hand-held device and/or body sprays — in compliance with water-saving shower codes being adopted nationwide.

Simplifying operation for the bather, each two-handle valve employs one handle to control both on/off and diverter functions, and the second handle to manage water temperature. The thermostatic feature of these valves provides shower temperature control to prevent scalding or loss of pressure.

In addition to this convenient operation, these new thermostatic valves provide the following features:

Water Efficiency. These new valves do not allow shared outlet usage, thus maintaining the water saving features of outlets with flow rate of 2.0 gallons per minute (gpm) or less. This is in full compliance with progressive state codes, such as CalGreen in California, as well as the latest green standards from the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO). With more states likely to adopt these water saving guidelines, installers will have no worries about local code compliance with these American Standard valves.

Less Costly. These new shower rough-in valves are easier to install and less expensive to purchase because the diverter valve is already incorporated, versus traditional valves requiring separate diverters and trim hardware. Installers are estimated to save over $250 in product cost with this simplified shower system.

Easier to Use. Having the diverter integrated directly into the shower valve makes it easier for users to change water flow from the tub spout to a showerhead or hand shower. This style of diverter eliminates the need for additional handles, reducing clutter on the shower walls and simplifying operation of the shower with just one handle to operate all shower outlets.

Installation Flexibility. These new two-handle thermostatic valves fit all existing American Standard two-handle thermostatic shower valve trim kits.

Like all American Standard thermostatic valves, the new offerings provide helpful safety features for homeowners, including a hot limit safety stop to prevent accidental scalding, consistent lifetime operation, and constant temperature preservation.

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