Navien NCB boiler awarded at Comfortech

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Navien, Inc. of Irvine, CA, announces that the NCB Combi-boiler Series has been voted #1 in the 2014 Comfortech Product Showcase Awards contest, in the category of Plumbing. editorial director, Michael S Weil, indicated that “Among all the entries in the category, our judges felt the product was the most innovative and useful to plumbing contractors who are seeking plumbing solutions.”

14-0911 Kate Kelly of Penton Media Interviews Brian Fenske on the Comfortech Award Winning NCB Combi-boiler

Penton Media’s Kate Kelly interviews Hub friend, Navien’s Brian Fenske on the NCB Combi-boiler.

“The NCB series is unique in that it is capable of providing a whole home heating system while also providing the domestic hot water output of a stand-alone tankless water heater,” said Eric Ashley, marketing product supervisor for Navien. This follows Navien’s motto of “Making the world more comfortable every day.

Innovation: Dual inputs of 120k BTU/h of heating, 199k BTU/h of DHW capacity and the ability to link with NPE series tankless water heaters for expanded DHW delivery, featuring many firsts in the industry.

Value: The NCB series will be priced competitively compared to other combination boilers but unlike others, the NCB series can deliver an impressive volume of domestic hot water to satisfy the demands of a large home.

Market Impact: The NCB is capable of providing up to 120k BTU/h heating capacity, and an impressive 199k BTU/h of DHW capacity. The contractor can now offer a complete package for whole home heating as well as endless hot water to satisfy the lifestyle of consumers today.

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