NAIMA Introduces New 'HOW-TO' Video Series

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The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) recently produced an instructional 3-part video seriesalong with pictorial guides to assist insulation contractors, home energy raters and home insulation installers in meeting RESNET Grade I criteria with fiber glass and rock and slag wool batt insulation. Meeting the RESNET Grade 1 insulation criteria with batt insulation can be easily and cost-effectively achieved if the insulation and air-sealing package are installed with professionalism and care. Properly installed fiber glass and rock and slag wool batts do indeed meet the performance and energy efficiency criteria with ease. The videos can be viewed at

Proper installation methods are key to any insulation receiving a RESNET Grade I rating — the highest level of insulation installation. The new video series and pictorial guide materials provide in-depth coverage on how to insulate all the areas of a home with fiber glass and rock and slag wool batt insulation and demonstrate installation techniques for even the most complex areas.

Part 1 of the video series, takes the viewer through a pre-insulation walk-through of an ENERGY STAR® Home and addresses all areas that must be insulated to meet RESNET Grade 1 insulation installation requirements. Part 2 shows professional insulation contractors demonstrating how to install batt insulation and provides time saving, job staging and insulating tips. Part 3 takes the viewer through a pre-drywall insulation inspection and covers issues such as insulation compression, vapor retarder facings, insulating around light fixtures, pipes, electrical wires, outlets, intricate framing areas, cantilevers, and much more.

The supplemental pictorial guides, titled Critical Details and Technical Tips, provide step-by-step photo guidance and cover specific installation details for attics and ceilings, walls and knee walls and more.

For more information on how to install fiber glass and rock and slag wool batt insulation, links to the video series, and printer-friendly PDFs visit

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