MrPEX announces new website

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MrPEX Systems recently launched a newly designed website that provides additional functionality and product information for customers.  The responsive design is optimized for mobility to ensure use on smart phones, tablets and desktops.

MrPEX is one of the leading North American system suppliers of residential and commercial radiant heating/cooling, snowmelt systems, and PEX-a domestic hot and cold water systems.

Jan Andersson, General Manager at MrPEX explained, “We wanted to have a site that was easy to navigate and provided all the products and services our customers are looking for when in their offices, on a job site or on the go.


The new website allows users to pinpoint their focus on areas such as radiant, plumbing or snowmelt and provides products, literature and videos to assists with customer needs in those areas.

“We are excited that our customers current and new will find a visually pleasing site that offers all the info they will need to start and complete a project,” said Andersson.

To see the new website and acquaint yourself with the new design, features and to let us know what you think, visit us at

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